2D Illustration and Design

Chara Kit
toolsAdobe Illustrator
Process These artworks were made for a social media campaign introducing Chara Kit, a generative collection that celebrates character design and the creator economy.

toolsClip Studio Paint
iPad Pro
Process These cartoons are the concept art for a fictional, transmedia, product experience. Inspired by the collecting capsule toys, I would draw these tokens everyday on my lunch break, generating dozens of them.

Inspired by anime
toolsClip Studio Paint
iPad Pro
Wacom Tablet
Process I created a number of these character portraits inspired by some of my favorite anime dramas. The sense of atmosphere was important for me.

Character Design
toolsInk pens and brushes
Copic markers
On paper
Process I often start in my sketchbook, the immediate gratification is so satisfying. I’ll always love ink on paper. 

Model World’s Club
toolsAdobe Illustrator

Process This logo was designed for a transmedia project, about 3 friends who love worldbuilding, and model trains.