Loam is focused on the art and community of comics, animation, and games. ( ^◡^)っ ♡

I have worked as an artist in the contemporary art industry for over 15 years. My art has always been multidisciplinary, focusing on media and technology. This is a new approach, one that is engaged with different models of art and life. 

Loam Media is an art studio, focused on developing meaningful art that reaches a wide audience, through characters, stories, interactivity, and collaboration. The developing spaces of web 3 and blockchain technology are adding new dimensions to the creator economy. NFT’s are building blocks, to be added to the construction of deep multimedia experiences of art. I believe there is fresh potential for interactivity, ownership of value, and social connection in this new creator economy. 

Loam Media is a web 3 and transmedia native art studio, focused on building a grassroots community, with people who recognize the value of living with art and entertainment in the everyday. Loam is working to create opportunities for ownership and exchange in an organic community of creators and fans.