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Sun bleached sweatshirt


  • Over a period of 93 Summer days, the UV rays of the sun have changed the chemical structure of the black dye, generating a variation of black and gray following the light and shadow.
  • Each sweatshirt is unique.
  • The fade follows the contours of the natural folds of the sweatshirt, and is the direct result of the amount of sunlight this season.
  • Only 11 sweatshirts will be made.
  • The collection will begin shipping after the end of Summer on September 23rd.
  • The sweatshirts were installed on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 and they will remain in situ until Saturday, September 23, 2023 at sunset.
  • Data collection is ongoing and more will be published at the end of the process.



The Summer 2023 product is both global and explicitly local. The Gildan Crew Neck Sweatshirt was originally manufactured in Nicaragua. Now it's becoming clothing that carries an explicit record of a second environment. Like the metaphor of clothing itself, this record is a second skin consisting of documentation, and poetic data. It's now a process narrative for a product, local to the Catskill Mountains of New York.

wildflowers in the grass

Seasonal Fashion

Traditional to the industry, a typical fashion collection will launch months before the season actually begins. A perpetual sense of newness and prophecies of style are cultivated. In the case of B.G. NRG (Summer 2023), the fashion only becomes available after the season has ended. However, the collection is still named after the period of time that generated its condition.

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