Motion Graphics

Part of an immersive experience created in partnership with the Thomas Cole National Historic Site.

Featuring the original private letters of Maria Bartow, advising her husband Thomas Cole on business negotiations. The video was integrated into the permanent installation at the parlor of the historic home. 

The Private Letters of Maria Bartow and Thomas Cole
toolsAfter Effects
Premier Pro

Process It was critical that I match the exact visual style and pacing to that of animations made in years past. I was working from scratch without access to the original files. The creative process was iterative, allowing for close collaboration with the client. I’m happy to report it was a total success.
Learn more about the project here.

Impossible Magic Card

Process One of my side projects is documentary photography of fan conventions, especially anime cons. The photo used in this animation was taken at Otakon. I modeled the card in 3D then used a compositing technique in Blender.